Transgender Surgical Procedures

Our team of professionals are experts in facial contouring and reduction, chondrolaryngoplasty, gender confirmation, and more.

Transgender Female

Facial Feminization – A variety of procedures are employed to transform the facial features to more feminine appearance.  This may include forehead contouring, hairline alteration, facial implants placement, jaw reduction, and tracheal shave.


Chondrolaryngoplasty, also known as tracheal shave, is a surgical procedure performed for a prominent Adam’s apple, usually in transfeminine patients with gender dysphoria to this marker of male sex. Although laryngeal anatomy is complex, knowledge of landmarks and techniques discussed in this article results in a safe procedure with rare complications and improvement in quality of life.

Breast Surgery

Although breast becomes enlarged taking female hormones, often they are not large enough, and many patients request augmentation. 

Transgender Male

Top Surgery – Removal of the breast and shaping the chest more masculine appearance.  

Gender Affirming Procedures

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure during which our surgeons remove the penis and testicles and create a functional vagina. This achieves resolution of gender dysphoria and allows for sexual activity with compatible genitalia. The highly sensitive skin and tissues from the penis are preserved and used to construct the vaginal lining and build a clitoris, resulting in genitals with appropriate sensations.

Likewise, via various methods, somebody with female genitalia can have their vagina reconstructed to form a penis and also have their uterus removed. Although this procedure may be more complex than male to female procedures, our staff is highly qualified and experienced. Please reach out to our staff to have your questions answered.

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