Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Procedures

We offer facial, breast, and torso reconstructive procedures at our professionally staffed facility.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is indicated for anyone who is considering mastectomy or has undergone mastectomy, to restore normal breast shape and volume. In addition, anyone who had a lumpectomy in the past and consequently developed significant asymmetry or deformity is also a good candidate, as is anyone considering lumpectomy where visible deformity and/or asymmetry is expected.

The goal of reconstruction is not necessarily to re-create a breast identical to the pre-surgical one, but rather, to restore an aesthetic breast shape that is normal in three ways: appearance, symmetry, and contour. Complete reconstruction may take multiple procedures, depending on the overall surgical plan and the desired outcome.

Facial Reconstruction

People seeking this surgery may be motivated by a desire to reconstruct the face after an injury or disease or to change a feature present from birth. Or they may want to reverse the signs of aging, remove contour irregularities or make the features of the face appear in proportion with one another. 

Body & Torso Reconstruction

Surgical body contouring following major weight loss removes excess sagging fat and skin while improving the shape of the underlying support tissue. The result is a more normal appearance with smoother contours.

Dramatic weight loss has many benefits. But after weight reduction surgery, or any substantial amount of weight loss, the skin and tissues often lack the elasticity to conform to the reduced body size.

MOHS Reconstruction

MOHS technique is a very effective method to remove common skin cancer and widely performed by many dermatologists. Typically, once skin cancer is confirmed to be completely removed by MOHS technique, dermatologists can close the defect by suturing. However, in some instances, the defect after skin cancer is too large to close primarily or direct closure may cause significant deformity of the area. In those instances, the patients are usually referred to a plastic surgeon who specializes in wound closure by advanced techniques such as local skin flaps or skin graft. Most common such sites are the nose. Cancer over the nose often results in a large defect or, due to the tight skin of the nose, the defect cannot be closed directly, necessitating skin flap or skin graft.

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