Case study #1 Breast reconstruction with TRAM flap

04.09.2020 | Category, Blog, Uncategorized

The patient is a 48-year-old female who, on a routine mammography, was found to have suspicious area in the right breast, which was found to be cancer on biopsy. She decided to have lumpectomy (partial breast removal). But after lumpectomy, the cancer was found to be more extensive, and also axillary nodes were positive for cancer as well. So, she had chemotherapy first, and then decided to have right mastectomy (total removal of the breast).

She has history of gunshot wound to the stomach many years ago, and had surgery to repair it. This resulted in an extensive scar in the abdomen and hernia.

I recommended her to have the right breast reconstruction with the TRAM flap (tissue from the stomach to reconstruct the breast). As we performed the surgery, we repaired the scar of the abdomen and hernia.

Once she recovered from the initial surgery, 6 months after initial surgery, she had left breast reduction to match the size of the breast.

Once both breasts are settled, she had right nipple reconstruction and tattooing to the areola to complete the reconstruction.