Breast Reconstruction Case Study #2 – Tissue expansion

04.17.2020 | Category, Uncategorized

A 48-year-old female self discovered a lump in her left breast. Mammography, and subsequent ultrasound test showed a mass in her left breast. Biopsy revealed malignancy. She consulted with the breast surgeon, and decided to have left mastectomy. She has small breast and wears 34 A cup bra.

Because she has small breast, even placement of the implant to the left breast will result in asymmetry of the shape of the breast. To achieve best possible symmetry, I recommended her to have tissue expansion of the left breast and subsequent implant placement and right breast augmentation for symmetry.

First, she had left mastectomy and at this time, she had tissue expander placement to the left breast and placement of breast implant (190 cc gel implant) to the right breast. Three months later, after expanding the left expander to 300 cc, she had removal of the tissue expander and placement of silicone gel implant (280 cc MemoryShape implant) to the left breast.