Patient Stories

My breast were drastically disproportioned and I had scar tissue adhered to the bone from a prior surgery that I had as a baby. Dr. K. Alex Kim has worked his magic to allow me for the first time in my life not worry about if I stuffed the left side of my bra enough to feel like my breast are even. As well as not worry if people are giving awkward looks at my adherent scars that were deformed. I've only been post op for about a month but I'm already highly satisfied with the result. I'm so grateful. His staff are wonderful as well and are very professional. My overall experience is without a doubt beyond pleased.

I decided to make a lifestyle change. I began to eat healthier and worked out 6 days a week. I managed to loose 45 lbs! I was really happy but my stomach got worst wrinkled and saggy. I went to a consultation with Dr. Kim and decided on getting a tummy tuck. The best doctor for this procedure, that's for sure! I'm at six weeks postop and my tummy looks amazing I am more than pleased with my results! Thanks soooo much Dr. Kim you are the best!!! I also want to thank Veronica and Liz for being so attentive, patient, and super awesome with me, they sure know how to treat their patients! Thank you all for making this pricedure smooth!

Dr kim recommended me to go for 400CC medium plus silicone memory gels i wanted to go bigger so we agreed to go for 525cc medium plus i went from small 36As to 36D it was little expensive $8000 otherwise it was good dr kim is an amazing doctor once i saw all his certificates and knew that he is double board certified i was relieved that i would be taken a good care of the office looks very nice and clean / new.

This is my second surgery with Doctor Kim. As you can see I came back because he does an awesome job! I had a Tummy Tuck back in 2012 and the healing process was easier with his instructions. I can honestly say that my scar faded away to the point that it's a small red line. I'm now healing great from my breast reduction and I must say they look nice. It was a big change from double DD to a C cup. They are small but the shape is beautiful. I love Doctor Kim's customer service as well as his Staff Liz and the receptionist. Liz was up to date with my needs, if I need it anything, how was I doing, I would recommend Dr. Kim and staff 100% customer friendly oriented. THANK YOU 🙂

I had cellulaze procedure and liposuction done by Dr. Alex Kim in January 2015. He is an amazing doctor and a wonderful person who got me the results I wanted. He was very understanding of my condition which made me feel physically disfigured and affected me emotionally. The procedure went very smoothly . I recovered very fast, and I looked as good as new. I am so happy with my results, and so thankful to my doctor. Dr. Alex Kim is the best plastic surgeon I have met. He got me the results that he promised, I trust him completely and I am planning on doing other procedures with him. He discussed all the details of the procedure and answered all my questions during my consultation. His office is beautiful and I didn't have to wait at all. The stuff is very professional and courteous. Both Veronica and Liz were so nice to me, helping me every step of the way in planning my procedure, always returning my calls. I can not be happier with my results and I am glad I found dr. Kim. He is a wonderful plastic surgeon.

I thought I would be "out of it" for a long time, but that only lasted about 48 hours. I was up the day after surgery and was walking pretty good 5 days later when I was discharged. I thought there would be more pain, but it wasn't too bad. There was more discomfort than pain, especially because of the drain tubes.
It was a very good experience. The office staff was pleasant, friendly and very helpful. Everyone involved worked as a TEAM. Thank you.

When I entered the facility, I was warmly greeted by the front desk staff. The coziness of the room was decorated with degrees and achievements from who I assume were from Dr Alex Kim. I was thrilled to know that Dr. Kim was going to be able to remove a cyst from my face. I was comfortable/welcomed.

WOW is all i can say! I have wanted a breast augmentation for 5+ years and have searched high and low for a doctor that i actually felt comfortable with and someone that wouldn't give me that fake breast look. When I looked at Dr. Alex Kim's work online, i had to get a meeting with him. The moment i walked in the office i had a good feeling. His office is very family-like. Veronica and Kim at the front are so informative and so helpful and Dr. Kim is a master at his craft. I told him exactly what I wanted, How i wanted it and I am enamored with what he has done! Everything he touches turns to Gold. I am so much more confident in my skin now and not one person has asked if i have had a boob job--they look that natural!
I went from a B to a DD

I can always buy luxury items and exotic clothing to make myself think I look good. BUT I WAS NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!! That is until I underwent my cosmetic procedures with Dr. Alex Kim. If you are waiting or hoping to do something with your life, cosmetic surgery is the best thing you could ever do with your money. It will provide you an incredible level of self confidence that only good looks can provide.
If you’re thinking of doing plastic surgery, please do yourself a favor and DON’T speak to anyone who has not done any type of cosmetic surgery. Don’t listen to people without first-hand knowledge.

I had my implants done in 2002. When I got my breast implants, I requested a large B or a small C from my doctor and when it was all said and done, I ended up with a DD! I left it alone at the time because they were definitely nice but as time went on and 13 years passed my breasts became too heavy saggy. I had known for about 5 years that I would want them out but the back and neck pain and newly slouchy figured helped me decide that it was much needed. I went back the physician who performed my tummy tuck in 2007 (different physician than my breast implant doctor) because I was extremely please with how my tummy tucked turned out and I love this doctor's bedside manner. The office staff are amazing and took care of ALL my needs promptly and always with a smile. I will be returning this physician time and time again should I have future needs and I highly recommend him to everyone who asks me!

The staff is extremely courteous and friendly. The cleanliness and quality of service here cannot be matched. I am 110% satisfied with the service and am very pleased with the results. I will gladly refer anyone to this facility. Thank you for changing my life!

Dr. Kim is a very caring doctor with an eye, a true gift, for making things look right. People that don’t know that I have had surgery cannot tell the difference between my natural breast and the reconstructed one.

I am extremely happy with the results of my surgery with Dr. Kim. He is extremely knowledgeable, and professional. He makes his patients feel comfortable and well taken care of.

My surgery was a success. I had an unsightly pouch in my belly. After tolerating the pouch for 35 years, I was sick of it. Dr. Kim assured me that he could restore my waist to where it was before my two children. That is exactly what he did. After three months I am very pleased with my new shape. I have gone down a whole dress size! Dr. Kim’s warm smile and genuine personality makes the recovery process easier.

I had a wonderful experience at Dr. Kim’s office! The minute that I saw Dr. Kim’s work on a good friend of mine, I knew that I had to make an appointment to see him. After seeing him I knew he was the one to do my surgery. I felt doubt with other doctor’s that I saw before, but with him I did not have a doubt in my mind.

I had wanted a breast augmentation for years but was really scared. Dr. Kim’s confidence put me at ease. He did such a great job that it was easy to see where that confidence comes from. He and his office exceeded my expectations beyond belief and I am very happy with the way I look.

After I had my breast aug. by Dr. Kim it really changed my life. He did such a wonderful job I also had a tummy tuck and neck lift. Dr. Kim is a wonderful doctor! He is the smartest and best plastic surgeon in the world. Anyone who goes to a plastic surgeon and it isn’t Dr. Kim isn’t getting the best job. Dr. Kim is the best and I am very lucky to know him. Nobody can do the work that Dr. Kim does, I know there is no better than him, I am 100% satisfied.

My breast augmentation was almost 7 years ago and I’m still raving about Dr. Kim! I was comfortable and Dr. Kim answered every question I had. He made sure I was informed about the surgery and the followup appointments were just as thorough. His staff is incredible friendly and his office and facilities are prestine. I have referred many people to Dr. Kim and will continue to do so.

I got my breast augmentation a month ago. Dr Kim is the best surgeon!!!!!
And his assistant Esther is super nice and kind!
all his doctors, nurses and receptionists are so friendly. I felt so comfortable.
My breasts look super natural no bruise no scars just perfect. I really love his job!
I will say.
You should get your breast augmentation by Dr Kim!! You will never regret his job!!
He can speak Japanese tho it really really helped me ?

Dr. Kim is truly gifted I highly recommend him. My breast augmentation was 7 yrs ago and I’m still raving about Dr. Kim!! The results I got were just amazing. I’ve gotten so many compliments. Making a huge different in my over all figure and specially my confidence. I’ve had a great experience with Dr. Kim and his staff!! I would go nowhere else in the world!!!

Dr. Kim is very willing to do a complementary consultation regarding plastic surgery. Appointments are made easily. I was very happy with my procedures.

If you are considering plastic surgery, my recommendation is to only speak to people who have ever undergone plastic surgery. Only then will you be familiar with what to look for along with what to avoid when looking for a good plastic surgeon.

The doc is in Beverly Hills. It’s probably not going to be the lowest cost for your desired procedure but are you really going to shop for a low cost plastic surgeon? Dr. Kim is an artist. You will be happy. The doc will do follow-up appointments with pleasure. I previously underwent a surgical procedure with a different plastic surgeon and the follow-up appointments were difficult to schedule.

Dr. Kim is kind and polite. I would recommend the doctor to other people who are interested in plastic surgery. Doc, keep up the great work!

update: i’m 2months post op and ilove my results. scars healed well, no pain and feel “soft” according to my fiance ?

went for a consultation [free], wait time was literally 5 min after filling out the forms.
dr. Alex Kim was very professional and helped me decide what would be a natural breast size for my body type. during the entire consultation his assistant , a female nurse, was in the room which is good for the women who are nervous to be alone with a male doctor. she engaged in the process and was very knowledgeable of the procedure. both Dr Kim and the assistant were very upbeat and did a great job of making me feel comfortable. it also helped that my friend recommended him to me, she had always had a breast aug done.
i scheduled my surgery that day [a choice i made without them being pushy] but a week later i received a phone call from the nurse about Dr. Kim being out of town for that weekend. so we worked together to figure out a date that fit my schedule as well as his.

what iliked was the fact that Dr Kim seemed adamant about me picking a size that looked natural and i actually appreciate that because i didnt feel like he was trying to sell me a dream or just get money out of me. ?

my surgery isnt for another two weeks so i cant yet say how the results of my breast aug came out ……. after new years i’ll come back and tell

I am so happy!! Dr. Kim did an amazing tummy tuck on me. My friend went to him for a breast augmentation and she couldn’t stop talking about him and his beautiful work. I was nervous to have the surgery but I am so glad that I did it. I am so proud to put my bikini on. The scar has faded and I look great. Dr. Kim and his staff treated me like a dear friend.

Dr Kim is a great surgeon and her assistant Esther is a sweetheart i went through a breast augmentation and the staff was lovely and everyone made sure i was comfortable. The office is clean and located at the convenient location in beverly hills. I would definitely recommend dr. kim.

I am so happy with the work I had done by him. I had gone on many consults in the Los Angeles area before I had my surgery, and he was BY FAR the kindest and most knowledgeable doctor. I felt very comfortable and at ease with him and his staff before, during, and after the surgery. He gave me exactly what I wanted (a natural, full look) and what we had discussed in my pre-op appointments. I seriously couldn’t be happier.

I recommend Dr. Kim and his staff to all my friends!!!!