Summer Body

02.24.2022 | Category, News

It’s only February but it feels like summer already in Los Angeles. Days are warm and nights cool.

This is the time to think about getting a summer body. During the pandemic, I know a lot of people did not get much exercise and gained “pandemic weight”. It’s the time to shed the extra weight and feel better about the body and be ready for summer.

There is no substitute for healthy habits, like exercise, eating healthy and good mental health.
But if you are thinking about losing that extra fat you gained during the pandemic, liposuction procedure may be right for you. The best candidate is the one who has good skin, meaning no stretch marks, and the area of fat deposit is relatively localized. For instance, you successfully lose stomach fat but you can’t get rid of that love handle fat. Liposuction may be the procedure to consider to reduce such fat deposit.

And lastly, when you go out in summer, please have good sunscreen all the time. You have to protect yourself from harmful UV.

Enjoy the summer.

You can see the Photo Gallery / Liposuction here.


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