Project Vietnam Foundation 2019

03.25.2019 | Category, Cosmetic Surgery


Our surgical team traveled to Da Nang, Vietnam, on March 16th. We all met at the airport, and traveled via bus to Quang Tri Province, which is 4 hours north of Da Nang.  At the local hospital, we set up the screening clinic on March 17th, and evaluated about 80 patients. The hospital we saw all of our patients in and performed surgery was in Quang Tri. We are 3 plastic surgeons, including myself, Dr. Alex Kim and two surgical residents, 4 anesthesiologists, and a number of surgical nurses and peri-operative care nurses. Over the 5 days, we treated 58 patients. Our patients all have cleft lip or cleft palate, and our duty was to perform surgery on these babies to make sure their smiles are normal and big again! Before surgery, the the doctors, including myself, and the residents and nurses would entertain the children in the preoperative room before surgery, to make sure the children are smiling. We were able to see some of our patients that were treated from last years mission trip in the city of Ho Chi Minh for a follow up in Quang Tri. Our patients from last year were very happy and they looked great! All children did well and are all happily smiling, especially the parents of the children. Thank you all for the great work to our surgical team of the 2019 Project Vietnam Foundation!

Hospital in Quang Tri where we evaluated 80 patients and treated 58 patients in 5 days.
Visiting the patient for a follow up check up with our nurse and anesthesiologist.
This child has bilateral cleft left. Day 2-post operative patient.
Entertaining the children in the preoperative room before surgery.
Surgery was perfromed on Monday.  This is after surgery day 1.
This is the one of first patients we screened. The patient has bilateral cleft lip.
This child has cleft lip and had repair.  This is post operative day 1.
Left cleft lip patient - before and after
Bilateral cleft lip patient - before and after
Three of my wonderful nurses, Myhanh, Geraldine, and Hitomi.
Surgeons at dinner after the mission!