Trip to Ethiopia

09.09.2018 | Category, Blog

I just came back from Ethiopia mission trip.  I went to Arce Negele General Hospital and Medical College, in Ethiopia.  It is located in a small town in Southern Ethiopia, about 200 km south of Addis Ababa.  My friend, Dr Hinika, is from the area, and he built the hospital and medical college with the help of Ethiopia HealthAid (EHA).  During the last trip in November 2017, I worked with the local surgeons and taught basic plastic surgery procedures.   This time, I wanted to meet with the medical students. There are about 25 medical students, all first year, (the school opened it door last year).  At a classroom, we had an engaging lecture session with active Q&A.  Students are from all over the country and they are the bright students and will be the next generation of Ethiopian physicians.  I feel fortunate to be associated with the project, and hope to return to see these students in the future. Please support EHA.  #ethiopiahealthaide

Signage of the hospital.

Arce Negele Hospital.

On the way to the hospital.

Lake Awassa.