Open Heart Mission 2017

10.17.2017 | Category, Blog

I met Dr Chris Nguyen and Dr Sandy Ratner in 2004 when we participated Project Vietnam's mission trip to Lang Song, Vietnam.  Since then, I went to Vietnam with Project Vietnam team several times.  Meantime, Chris and Sandy founded Open Heart Foundation to work with the Odonto-Maxillo Facial Hospital of the Ho Chi Minh City.  They travel to HCM City every fall to work with the local surgeons and medical staff at the Odonto-Maxillo Facial Hospital, teaching orthognathic surgery, and cleft lip and palate procedures.  This is their tenth anniversary.  Two years ago, I joined their team for the first time, and this year is my third time to participate.  Over 5 days, we operated on about 30 patients, ranging from cleft lip and palate surgery, to mandibular resection and reconstruction.  All cases are staffed with local nurses and anesthesiologists, and cases are done with the hospital's surgeons in training.  Goal is to assist them in improving the skills and technologies by collaboration.  Open Heart  Dr Alex Kim