Forehead plasty for transgender female.

03.06.2020 | Category, Blog

Forehead contouring for the transgender female is one of challenging but rewarding part of the facial feminization.  Forehead contouring is often combined with hairline alteration.  I usually use tissue expander to allow me to bring hairline about an inch. Particularly interesting thing about this procedure is we can shave down the bossing over the brow area aggressively and significantly.  Once we expose the forehead bone, the anterior table of the frontal sinus is removed and then, we do the trimming of the forehead ridge. This trimming extends all the way to the lateral orbital rim (outside of the eye socket), and also the upper part of the nose (transition to the forehead).  Then, once trimming is done, the bone is place back to cover the frontal sinus, and secured with plates and screws.

Photo: After trimming of the forehead bone, the outer table of the frontal sinus is placed back and secured with plates and screws.

This procedure provides remarkable improvement of the forehead contour.  It is very safe and effective.  Recovery is relatively easy.  Expect 3-4 weeks of swelling.  

Before and after: Frontal view.  Note smooth contour of the forehead.

Before and after: Oblique view.  Note change in the contour of forehead.  She also had rhinoplasty as well.