Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for Female Organs

06.20.2020 | Category, Blog, Cosmetic Surgery

Aesthetic surgery for female organ has been gaining popularity in recent years.  Many female patients request improvement in appearance of the genital area, which may also enhance the sexuality as well.

Here’s the latest that we offer:

Labial puff - As you age, the labia majora (outer lips) may lose the tone and become wrinkled.  Pumping up the labia majora will make the area look plump and full, more youthful, and healthy.  This can be done by simply injecting fillers to the labia, although temporary.  For more permanent solution, you may consider fat injection. 

Labia plasty (reduction) - Aesthetic labia minora (inner lips) are small, well shaped lips that do not protrude outside the labia majora (outer lips).  Large labia may cause irritation from the friction and also discomfort during sexual activities.  Labia reduction procedure reduces the size and improve the shape of the labia.  On the front, hooding over the clitoris may be trimmed or removed (some call it hoodectomy) so that the clitoris is more exposed and more sensitive.  

Non-operative Vaginal tightening - Radiofrequency treatment to the vaginal wall is indicated for mild to moderate diastasis (stretching) of the vagina.  Treatment can be done with minimal pain.  With repeated treatment, you may see the improvement in vaginal mucosa. 

Surgical Vaginal tightening - Due to the pregnancies, the vaginal wall may be stretched too much, and some may feel the loss of tone to the vagina.  In a moderate to severe diastasis (stretching), surgically removing the portion of mucosa and making the vaginal canal narrower will help improve the tone of the vagina and gain the sexual confidence. 

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