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  Our surgical team traveled to Da Nang, Vietnam, on March 16th. We all met at the airport, and traveled via bus to Quang Tri Province, which is 4 hours north of Da Nang.  At the local hospital, we set up the screening clinic on March 17th, and evaluated about 80 patients. The hospital we saw all of our patients in and performed surgery was in Quang Tri. We are 3 plastic surgeons, including myself, Dr. Alex Kim and two surgical residents, 4 anesthesiologists, and a number of surgical nurses and peri-operative care nurses. Over the 5 days, we treated 58 patients. Our patients all ha...
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03.14.2019 | Category, Cosmetic Surgery

Typically, we use periareolar (along the inferior border of areola), axillary (arm pit), or inframammary (bottom of the breast) incisions.  We mostly employ the periareolar incisions largely because it provides good exposure to perform surgery, scar tends heal quick and the quality of the scar is very good in general.  Axillary approach is the second common approach, and this has a ben...
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