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Our Man in Tokyo

02.26.2018 | Category, Music/Art

I went to see the screening of a short documentary film “Our man in Tokyo (Ballad of Shin Miyata)" at Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, yesterday.  Shin Miyata is a chicano music fan/record label producer/music promotor.  He became obsessed with the Chicano music in East Los Angeles years ago, and determined to spread the music in Japan.  He has brought many musicians from East LA to Japan performing at a numerous venues.  It’s an interesting take on a person with remarkable passion to the music of East LA.  I realized that Chicano culture and Japane...
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What is Capsular Contracture? Capsular Contracture is the condition where the breast feels firm after breast augmentation.  When an implant is placed under the breast, the body forms scar tissue surrounding the implant.  This scar tissue is called a “capsule”.  Over time, in some patients, the capsule gets thicker and tightens, squeezing the implant and making the breast feel firmer.  The case of this condition is not clear, although we suspect multiple factors involved with the condition, including subclinical infection, contamination, hematoma, etc.  Statistically, Capsular ...
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