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03.14.2019 | Category, Cosmetic Surgery

Typically, we use periareolar (along the inferior border of areola), axillary (arm pit), or inframammary (bottom of the breast) incisions.  We mostly employ the periareolar incisions largely because it provides good exposure to perform surgery, scar tends heal quick and the quality of the scar is very good in general.  Axillary approach is the second common approach, and this has a bene...
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During the examination of your breast, we measure the dimension of your breast, including position of nipple, and the width of your chest and breast.  Based on the measurement, we can estimate the “aesthetic” breast size that are recommended by the manufacturer.  However, it may not be the size you were thinking about.  There is a range of implant size, based on your body shape, that fits the best, and from this, you may discuss your surgeon to modify to fit your desire.  For instance, if you want to have more projection, then the surgeon may recommend higher proje...
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02.04.2019 | Category, Cosmetic Surgery

Transgender surgery includes surgery for male-to-female transition and female-to-male transition.   Male-to-female transition includes breast enhancement, facial feminization procedures, and body contouring procedure.  Patients on female hormone have enlarged breast tissue, but in general, the enlargement is not sufficient enough to provide female figure.  Breast enhancement procedures are the similar to general breast augmentation, although skin tends to be tighter for a longer period of time.   Facial feminization includes contouring the forehead bones, alteri...
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Smoking prior to surgery and during recovery can cause serious effects on wound healing.  This is because smoking effects the small vessels in the body, resulting in scarring of the small arteries and veins. During the healing process, more blood needs to flow to areas of surgery.  This increased blood flow provides more oxygen and nutrients to healing areas so that wounds will heal faster and more smoothly. Because smoking can lead to scarring of small blood vessels, smoking causes a limitation of the blood flow. When blood flow is decreased to healing areas, this results in slower he...
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As we age, our body naturally slows down collagen production, resulting in LOOSE, SAGGING skin. What Can You Do? I am proud to announce our newest treatment, TempSure Envi, that helps counteract this natural collagen decrease to retain your skin's natural glow.    What is TempSure Envi? TempSure Envi is a new radiofrequency treatment used to minimize wrinkles and fine lines, tighten skin, and improve the appearance of cellulite. With no surgery, no needles, and no downtime, this is the perfect “lunchtime option” to fit into your busy lifestyle.  And because the t...
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What is Capsular Contracture? Capsular Contracture is the condition where the breast feels firm after breast augmentation.  When an implant is placed under the breast, the body forms scar tissue surrounding the implant.  This scar tissue is called a “capsule”.  Over time, in some patients, the capsule gets thicker and tightens, squeezing the implant and making the breast feel firmer.  The case of this condition is not clear, although we suspect multiple factors involved with the condition, including subclinical infection, contamination, hematoma, etc.  Statistically, Capsular C...
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01.28.2018 | Category, Cosmetic Surgery

As a plastic surgeon, knowing that the tissues we are handling have good blood flows (meaning viable and healthy) is extremely important.  We have been using clinical evaluation and examination to assess the blood flow at the hospital.  Now, there is a powerful technology available at California Hospital where I perform many of reconstructive procedures. I have been asking the hospital administration to get this system for a while, and it is finally available at the hospital since December 2017.  This newest system, SPY-PHI is only available at California Hospital Medical Center.  Only o...
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